Redefining the Student ID

Ever forgotten to get your allowance at home? Ever had to frantically beg your friends to lend you money so that you could get a decent lunch? Well, with the new ID card by your side, paying for lunch is no sweat anymore.Image

The new ISM ID allows students to fill their cards with cash through the new top up machines (located underneath the HS Stairs and outside the canteen). The money in those cards can then be used to pay for meals and is activated when the student places their cards on top of the card readers at canteen vendors. With the new ID, there is no more fear of carrying around a bulky wallet, or having big bills, or losing change around school.

The new payment system not only aims to convenience students actions, but also maximize their time, as less time spent exchanging money means more efficient and faster food vendors. While the implementation of ID cards has yet to show noticeable effects on the lunch lines, one of the staff members of Urban Chef remarks that the new cash registers, compatible with an ID scanner, are “very helpful” and a lot “easier to use.”


Aside from the canteen, the new IDs boast a new design and a new role in the middle school. A feature yet to be integrated into the high school, the middle school lockers have been updated and are now accessible by the swipe of an ID. What previously seemed like a tool only useful for getting into school on weekends and checking out textbooks is becoming hugely essential for life in the ISM campus.

Written by: Candice Hodges

Photographs by: Ariana Mapua 

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