From Print to PC: Bamboo Telegraph Moves Online

IMG_1679For the first time since its debut, Bamboo Telegraph (BT) is going digital. Although BT’s print career has been successful over the years, going online opens up new possibilities for the publication. One may be wondering about this sudden change, but there are actually quite a few reasons why BT is going online. The benefits of the transition can be viewed from three main perspectives: rational, aesthetic, and economic.

In terms of rationality, the transition will reduce impact on the environment by eliminating the need to print hundreds of copies. Every year for the past four years, BT has printed 200 copies of the magazine, with 32 pages each, four times a year. That means that by going online, a total of 25,600 pages is saved. Furthermore, because weekly updates with articles, photos, videos and illustrations are becoming more necessary due to the variety of activities held throughout the year, it makes even more sense to go digital. Several members of the student body have also commented on the added benefit of organization and accessibility of an online BT, such as senior Becky Chung.

She agreed with the statement, saying that, “As a reader of the BT magazine, I tended to misplace [it] a lot, just [like] how sometimes I misplace my books. I often used to put it somewhere and not remember where I kept it.” With online articles, this will no longer be an issue. Additionally, as another senior Wasi Syed puts it, moving BT online “also makes [BT] easily accessible to everyone [now] as they can access it anywhere from their computers.” He adds that he is “really glad BT is going digital this year because that further promotes how green ISM is becoming.”

IMG_1688Looking at the issue from the perspective of aesthetics, the online publication has so many more tools at hand, hence the possibilities for innovative and creative graphics and illustrations are limitless. The BT staff can be provided with unlimited space to publish their content as well. Finally, from an economic standpoint, the decision to go online definitely eliminates the cost of printing. Although the domain name of the site had to be bought; in the long-run, having the publication online saves money and allows previous BT funds to be used for other purposes, sectors or avenues within the ISM community.

IMG_1684This year, BT is also collaborating with Bamboo Television (BTV), which will allow more frequent updates from the latter organization, and more access to episodes students may have missed in the past. These student organizations will be working hand in hand to ensure that the BT experience is one filled with varied forms of media, and will be both entertaining, refreshing and informative.

Although there are some disadvantages that come with the transition, such as how the ever-growing use of technology throughout the school may already be affecting people’s health negatively, and how some may feel sentimental about the joy of reading printed material, a larger audience and more members of the ISM community can be reached if BT is published on the Internet.

There are many things to look forward to for school year 2013-2014, and BT online is definitely one of them.

Written by: Sunaina Ahuja

Photographed by: Maxine Alindogan

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