Living In The Digital Age

This year, ISM turns a new leaf – literally. As part of our continuing efforts to go paperless, the school has dictated a BYOD policy, which entails that students should ‘bring your own device’ to school every day. As a result, the need to use paper, and thus threaten our trees, in classes is largely minimized. In effect, the online media now plays a fundamental role in students’ lives, with the use of Google calendar and its readily-modified and easily-accessible agenda.  Gone are the days of uncoordinated homework schedules and ‘incomplete’ grades in PowerSchool: with technology as a guide, students can now keep up with their school work and make a small contribution to help the environment!

Students and teachers alike are taking turns in their strides, as some individuals find the adjustment a little bit more difficult and unconventional. While there are those that believe that having everything online makes our schedules and school lives seem excessively convoluted, Cristian Ayala, a Junior, says: “I like it – it’s working. A lot of people like to substantialise their work, and with notebooks and paper you can lose them and it can be disorganized. This new arrangement is definitely helping the environment as well.”


As with everything, the move towards an electronic campus comes with its pros, as well as its cons. In attest to this, Information Literacy teacher Catherine Maine comments “technology is a tool that can release a lot of potential and creativity, but it has to be directed in the right way, otherwise it’s a huge distraction.” Moreover, Malvika Subramamiam, who is also a Junior, further states how “to an extent it’s a good idea – they’re putting in effort to include everything.” Although she believes that integration of google calendar and other technological advancements needs to be improved because “a lot of teachers do it differently.” Seeing as this is just the beginning, there are obviously a few areas to improve on. However, as technology grows and expands, ISM will surely be one step ahead, as always!

Written By: Chantal Maratua 

Illustration By: Sung Hee Bae 

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