Pool Revamp: Geared for IASAS


The International School Manila is very supportive of the athletics department and is frequently improving its various sports facilities. Last year it was the tennis courts; this year it is the swimming pool. In preparation for the upcoming IASAS swimming tournament that the school is hosting in January, there have been plenty of changes made to the swimming pool and its surroundings. The biggest among these new changes is the change in bleachers.  A new deck has been added on top of the previous one; because of this extra floor, twice the number of spectators will be able to watch. The second deck is also high enough to give onlookers a view of the MS field.  Additionally, the pool lockers and changing rooms have been dramatically expanded to accommodate the numerous swimmers who will be using the pool. The diving boards have also been replaced; IASAS swimmer Kaizer Soh says the boards “have the back step which makes it easier to dive, and to have a better grip.”  The swimmers all seem very happy with the improvements.  IASAS swimmer Rom Villarica comments on these new improvements, “I feel that the reconstruction improves team morale and dedication.” ISM supports its swimmers by providing the best facilities during training. Hopefully, this will lead to positive results in the IASAS competition for the Bearcat swimmers.


Written by: Lucas Ramos
Photographs by: Ashley Miller

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