The Culture of Sports

1209065_10200609535989066_69601815_nTeammates come and go and championships are won and lost; however, despite the many changes teams face, their traditions unite individuals as single cohesive unit. Whether their traditions are of profound or trivial value, teams use them to spark synergy amongst players, and players use them to express their commitment to the team.  In teams, each member works towards the same goal: to bring home the gold medal in IASAS. Thus, traditions are needed under any circumstance, regardless of the sport. Here is a look at the traditions and rituals of our 1st season teams. Guess the sports traditions that belong to each varsity team! First season teams include: Soccer Girls, Soccer Boys, Volleyball Girls, Volleyball Boys, Cross Country Girls, Cross Country Boys.

They Do What?! Quiz

See how well you know ISM’s first season sports teams

Q1: Which team has its second youngest player smell the sweaty jerseys of his/her teammates after its first game?
Q2: Which team goes to Serenitea after training?
Q3: In which team do the athletes apply Bengay on their legs before competing?
Q4: Which team goes on an annual beach trip for team bonding?
Q5: Which team has an annual photo-shoot for all of its players?
Q6: Which team jogs around the school, stomping and chanting, as a part of training?
Q7: Which team chants, “Let’s get fired up,” before games/race?
Q8: Which team has its rookies eat chilies for initiation?
Q9: Which team has a group huddle before and after every competition?

Highlight Below for Answers
A1: Volleyball Girls
A2: Volleyball Boys
A3: Cross Country Boys
A4: Soccer Girls
A5: Volleyball Girls
A6: Volleyball Boys
A7: Soccer Girls
A8: Soccer Boys
A9: Cross Country Girls
Highlight Above for Answers 

Written by Sami Um
Photograph by Catherine Kelly
Featured image of Ruci Naiqama by Trisha Pazcoguin

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