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The International School Manila, a school with a bustling sports life, is fortunate to have top caliber athletes to represent us in our seasonal sports. Our Bearcat athletes find that freshman and senior years are the most demanding.  For freshmen, competing against upperclassmen for an IASAS spot is a major challenge.  For seniors, the responsibility to lead the team weighs heavily upon their shoulders.  Here we get some insight on the opinions of freshmen from soccer Georgina Pekin and of seniors from volleyball captain Daniel Lawrie.

Georgina (Grade 9, Football Varsity Member)

Georgina Pekin

What motivates you as an athlete?
My team motivates me to do my best by being supportive and always pushing me to improve. I am also motivated by wanting to represent the Bearcats at IASAS and in our RIFA league.

In what ways do the upperclassmen show support to the underclassmen players?  
The upperclassmen support us by giving helpful tips, and by cheering us on when we do well. We learn from them by watching them play and by playing with those who have experience. They’re all super nice and welcoming to the underclassmen which creates good team spirit, so hopefully we’re going to have a good season!

What one word would you used to describe your team and why?
Diverse! We have so many freshmen this year which is really different, plus girls from the other grades. There are a lot of returning Bearcats, as well as new girls, from different countries, schools and soccer backgrounds. It will be interesting to see how well we can all come together and do after a few more weeks of games and training.

Daniel (Grade 12, Volleyball Varsity Member)

Daniel Lawrie

Describe your team’s dynamic. What is your team’s philosophy?
This year our team will focus on simply trying our absolute best. We lost a few big players from last year, but if we train our hardest, our team will improve and will remove the need for individual star players.

Our coach’s slogan is, “Be perfect”. I think that “being perfect” puts a lot of stress on the individual and rather it’d be better to give your 100% effort on every single task. Both “slogans” go around saying the same thing but the other puts less stress on the individual. Basically just try your hardest at every task.

What are your team’s biggest strength and weakness? How do you plan to overcome the weakness?
Our biggest strength is our team cohesion. We all really get along well and I think that this will help us overcome our weaknesses but honestly the only way to improve is by training. The one thing we really need to work on this year is our passing; once we get that together, we’ll be a pretty hard team to beat.

What would you advise aspiring varsity volleyball players?
To all aspiring volleyball players: work hard, train hard, and play hard! (Hahahahah, JK) No but really train hard; volleyball is a game of skill, and getting those skills down is crucial.

Written by: Ysabel Ayala
Photographs by: Ashley Miller

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