Ten Things to Look Forward to in BOB:

Battle of the Bearcats is an event that happens every September, where grade levels compete in various competitions ranging from basketball to cake-decorating.  This event is a great way to express grade level spirit.  Here are ten things to look forward to in BOB:

1.  Bonding as a high school

Fighting for the Spirit Award

(Photo by: Charlene Mamaril)

2.  Watching the Senior entrance

Dramatic Senior Entrance

(Photo by: Mild Chawalitanon)

3.  Having no classes

No School

(Photo by: Maxine Alindogan)

4.  Watching the BOB dance

BOB Dance

(Photo by: Charlene Mamaril)

5.  The grand accessories of cake decorating

Cake Decorating

(Photo by: Claire Sibley)

6. Playing video games in school

Video Games

(Photo by: Maxine Alindogan)

7. Sibling Rivalry

Sibling Rivalry

(Photo by: Sunny Bae)

8. Listening to each grade’s cheers

Grade Cheers GIF

(Photos by: Iya Joo, Mild Chawalitanon, and Charlene Mamaril)

9. Getting a hug from the Bearcat

Getting a Hug from the Bearcat

(Photo from the ATAC Blog)

10. Announcing the winner of the Spirit Award

Fighting for the Spirit Award (Option #3)

(Photo by: Charlene Mamaril)

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