A couple ISM remedies for pre-performance nerves

penguinThe curtain rises. Lights switch on, spotlighting musicians waiting excitedly for their time to shine. Another great show is about to begin. This year’s Great Works Concert, “Unearthing”, opened its grand performance on September 19. All musicians had prepared eagerly over the preceding month and were looking forward to that exquisite harmony only achieved on stage.

dino-2In jittery anticipation of such a high-class concert, stress levels rose quickly among Great Works performers. Interestingly, each musician seems to have their own way of preparing and calming themselves down before a nerve-racking concert. Country singer, Kelly Clarkson, always drinks olive oil before approaching the microphone and believes in the superstition that it is bad luck to whistle on or near the stage.

Young Joo Lee, freshman flutist, says that “since this grand concert is new to me, my way of preparing for this concert was to just keep on practicing because the pieces were quite hard to play.” She adds, “I always take a short nap before the concert to refresh myself. This has become a routine that I have to do before the concert.” Klaus Park from show choir agrees that practicing hard is the best way to prepare for a concert. “I practice until the lyrics get stuck in my head so that I automatically sing the whole song. Before going on the stage, I always think about the time when I messed up. Reminding myself of that traumatic memory tightens my concentration and never lets me make the same mistake again.”

The many pre-performance rituals seemed to have paid off in producing a successful Great Works Concert.

Article by: Sun Joo Lee

Illustration by: Seo Woo Kim

Photo from: Flicker User, comedy_nose

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