MUN Locals: A First for Many


On September 20 and 21, delegations of multiple schools came to ISM to attend the Model United Nations (MUN) Locals Conference. Members of the MUN club at ISM, headed primarily by Secretary-Generals Gaea Morales (12) and Bianca Fuentes (12), are participants of the conference, in addition to many other international schools such as the  British School of Manila, Faith, Brent, and the Chinese International School of Manila. In MUN, students assume the role of a delegate – a representative of a country or organization who stands for particular policies and beliefs. Delegates also prepare a resolution, which is a written document that aims to provide the best solution to the issues at hand. The most challenging aspect of the resolutions is that they must be aligned with each delegates policy, however this results in the most interesting and enjoyable part of the conference – the debate.

The Locals Conference was the first MUN event of the year, and so it is no surprise that many new delegates were anxious about their performance. Their future career in MUN weighs heavily upon this conference. Depending on how well they argue, convey ideas, and commit to their policies, delegates may be chosen to go to BEIMUN, an annual international MUN conference held in Beijing in March of 2014, or IASAS MUN which will be hosted by International School Kuala Lumpur (ISKL) this coming November.

Prior to the conference, Danielle Dy, a new delegate from Junior year, said, “I’m nervous, but also excited to exchange ideas with students [from] other schools and learn about their respective countries.” While there were many delegates who were new, there were also a fair share of veteran participants who were familiar with the many nuances of MUN. Aaron Sobel from 11th grade was a chairperson at the conference, and chaired his own committee for the first time. He expressed his enthusiasm for locals, commenting, “I’m very excited to be behind the chair’s table instead of in front of the podium – though I love being a delegate, it’s a refreshing change of pace.” New or old, any delegate, or simply any member of the ISM community, had something to look forward to for this conference, as members of the staff and faculty, and other students were welcome to come and observe and share in the excitement of the event.

Written by: Lucas Ramos

Photographed by: Rohan Tulsiani

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