Continuing the iPhone Legacy

Over the past few years, Apple has gained a reputation of being a hub for creative and innovative products, which flaunt an element of chic aesthetics. The company seemingly releases a new model of the iPhone every year, enticing consumers to only want the latest edition of technology. Formerly, when Apple upgraded existing generations of iPhones they added an “S” to the end of the name. However, this year, in addition to the iPhone 5s, Apple decided to present the iPhone 5C, a more economically friendly version of the product.

The new iPhone 5S boasts a fingerprint identity sensor, a better, faster camera and a classy appearance, being produced in gold, silver and gray protections. Unlike previous iPhones, the iPhone 5C is framed with plastic instead of metal and uses an A6 chip instead of the A7 one. Although it has been said that the A6 chip slows down the speed of the phone, it has managed to bring down the price greatly, which may make the product more popular in the long run. Additionally, the iPhone 5C introduces a new realm of design, as it comes in five different fluorescent colors; red, blue, green, yellow and white, which may appeal to a greater range of consumers.

Nevertheless, as divisive as technological upgrades usually are, the iPhone 5C has received mixed feelings. Some have called it

“creative” and “fun”

while others have slammed the phone as

“cheap” and “a rip off”.

One student comments on the iPhone 5C saying,

“the [iPhone 5C] is the result of Steve Job’s death. If he was still around, I’m sure he wouldn’t have let the 5C hit the shelves.”

Admittedly, the new iPhone appears to have reflected a backwards development in technology– having reverted to a slower system and a less sophisticated exterior. Yet only time will tell whether this establishment will prove to be naive or simply economically perceptive.

Written by: Candice Hodges

Illustration by: Sung Hee Bae

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