It’s A Balancing Act

After two hours of practice, athletes go home, fatigued, and drowned in piles of work.  School is stressful for everyone, but especially for Bearcat athletes.  We decided to catch up with three of our Bearcat captains: Kimberly Go (volleyball), Andres Limcaoco (cross country) and Valerie Toze (soccer), who gave some helpful advice for those struggling to find a balance.

“We train four times a week, and this coupled with Saturday games and team bonding hangouts. [This] means that there is a lot of time involved,” Kimberly Go stated.  No doubt, sports are a big commitment and take a great toll on students’ time and energy.  “When I’m tired I do get distracted,” Andres Limcaoco admitted, “But it’s really about making yourself focus and getting into that zone”.

Procrastination, as usual, seems to be the biggest stumbling block for athletes trying to get into the so-called “zone”.  Kimberly mentioned, “I just can’t miss my YouTube Subscriptions!”  Taking a short break can soon escalate into an entire session of idleness.

But through experience, athletes have developed some tricks to stay on top of their work. Valerie Toze states, “I try to finish small tasks first. Then over the weekend that is when I really dedicate my time to put together the big projects and assignments.”

IMG_4261But all three athletes agree that it is all about discipline.  The key to effective time management is learning to be your own boss.  That little voice in your head that is tempting you to procrastinate has to be ignored.  “You have to set up a schedule for yourself,” Valerie recommends.  Furthermore, all three captains have organized routines. “When I get home, I eat, take a small break, and immediately start working”, Andres informed, “It’s really about just going home and getting on to it, no distractions. To focus you just have to begin.”

Article by: DeeDee Aeschliman, 11
Photographs by: Ashley Miller, 12

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