Service Spotlight: SBP

Service has always been an integral part of ISM’s core values and beliefs. If you’ve studied at ISM, you’ve done service in one form or another, whether it be through CWW, ICARE or one of the many service clubs ISM has to offer. One such service club is SBP, also known as Samahang Bukas Palad.

Led this year by president Valerie Toze, the SBP club is, according to her, “one of, if not the biggest, service clubs in ISM”. She, along with a strong group of passionate members, hopes “to create, maintain and fortify the relationship ISM have with less fortunate children from the local area.”

 As one of the largest service clubs in ISM, SBP is constantly evolving, looking for ways to innovate and improve the club to be more sustainable and environmentally aware. Club Vice President Andrea Fiechter elaborates that even though the main focus of the club is “teaching the kids life lessons to bring out the best in them, SBP has been making a conscious effort to go green and pay more attention to our impact on the environment.” When asked if SBP had any intentions of becoming an ICARE site, she simply chuckled and, with a smile, commented, “We have big things planned for the year.”

 What sets SBP apart from other service clubs in ISM is the raw energy, enthusiasm and “sheer dedication we hold to the happiness of the children,” Fiechter says. She adds that “100% of our time and effort goes into making sure that each child who comes onto campus leaves with a smile from ear to ear… But most of the time we discover that we learn just as much from them as they do from us.”

The SBP council, comprised of Valerie Toze, Andrea Fiechter, Andrea Narciso, Yong Seok Lee, Anjali Rauniyar and myself, are working hard towards a prosperous, fun year with the SBP kids! Article by: Matt Sicat

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