Fantasy Dream Teams

As the NBA season comes closer or the premier league continues, ISM high school students and faculty are itching for another fantasy season. Fantasy sports, as interesting as it may sound, are still fantasy, so why can’t we treat it as a simple pastime? Why is it so addictive to so many people?

Fantasy Dream Team - Soccer - Mr. Ayling - Taken by Sung Yun Bae (1)Mr. Ayling, an avid fan of fantasy football and a prominent footballer, has answered a few questions, shedding some light as to why there is a rise in the popularity of fantasy sports. According to Mr. Ayling, fantasy sports allow the participants “the ability to semi-manage players that you wouldn’t have control over.” All sports fans at some point or another probably wanted to create a team that they believe would be successful and thus prove their personal insights into the sport that they love. Mr. Ayling also points out that playing fantasy sports or in his case “Fantasy Football” has enhanced his enjoyment and his excitement when watching football as there is even greater investment that you have put into it, namely the time and care necessary to create that all conquering team. He goes on further to say that it has even made him a better player, because he pays even closer attention to matches increasing his football knowledge.

Fantasy Dream Team - Soccer - Mr. Ayling - Taken by Sung Yun Bae (4)

No doubt fantasy sport is also so appealing because it has many aspects that a great online game needs. It normally includes some form of budgeting or drafting, setting limited parameters within which people must shrewdly maneuver. It offers the chance to compete against an unlimited number of people as you really are in a league of millions or, if you wish, you can create your own specific private leagues. This adds a great social element for colleagues and friends. Mr. Ayling may be a supremely talented footballer; however, even if you have butterfingers, a little appreciation of sport is magnified many times over when you feel that you are the boss, and that is why the fantasy is so strong.

Article by: Jim Kang, 12
Photographs by: Sunny Bae, 12

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