Why is Time Travel Literature so Fascinating?

Article by: Joyce Chen

In an era in which science and technology are developing fast, stories about time travel are becoming very popular. Many students enjoy reading about time travel. Senior Gaea Morales thinks that “stories on time travel in general can be interesting because they delve into the idea of causes and effects, rather the different, millions of possibilities for reality.” And she concludes, “Everything is intertwined!” Junior Jin Sun Park adds, “Time travelling is something that we all wish we could do; whether it is to relive a happy moment or rectify our past mistakes. I enjoy reading stories on time travel so that I can explore and ponder about the wonders of time travel, even if it’s only through a fictional character’s perspective.”

DSC_3577So why is the topic of time traveling so fascinating? As an aficionado of time travel fiction myself, I feel that time travel books are very thought provoking, challenging us with a variety of unfamiliar topics that interlink with one another. Also by reading, we get in the characters’ shoes and enter a different world, freeing us of our worldly stress. Most importantly, I think that time travel fiction allows us to freely use our imagination.

Whatever the reason, time traveling is and will always be a topic for not only scientists but also writers to investigate.

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