The Internet: A Blessing or a Curse?

Written by: Julianna Ching, 10

Photograph by: Michelle Rabaya, 12

Have you seen Miley Cyrus’s new music video for “Wrecking Ball?”  Have you heard about how Justin Bieber made his bodyguards carry him up the Great Wall of China?  What about Khloe Kardashian’s fear of divorcing Lamar Odom?  Of course you have; everyone has.  Over the years, the Internet’s impact on our lives has increased tremendously.  Due to its easy accessibility and convenience, it is uncommon to find someone who does not know about the latest celebrity news.

Forbes, one of the most popular online news website, has benefitted many famous people such as Jami Gertz, Mel Gibson, and George Lucas, by letting the public know the millions of dollars that they have donated to charity. Similarly, Youtube is one of the most prominent online hubs that allows celebrities to improve their reputations or boost their popularity at the infancy of their careers. In attest to this,  Greyson Chance, Esmee Denters, Jessica Rose, and Justin Bieber all started their careers through Youtube and went on to become big celebrities. Yet, as helpful as the internet may be, many stars have also been the victim to the consequences of social media: Lindsay Lohan’s status went downhill after she went to rehab in 2006; Jennifer Grey’s nose job ruined her chances at becoming an A-lister in Hollywood;  Tom Cruise’s campaign for the Church of Scientology gave him the reputation of an idiot.

Undoubtedly, celebrities would have much to say about their lack of privacy.  But what do the fans think about the Internet’s significant influence on how we view celebrities?  One student says that

“social media has allowed us, the fans, a better glimpse of their glamorous lives by allowing us to access their private accounts [but on the other hand] they, too, are like us who strive to live a healthy and normal life as possible.”

On the contrary, another student argues that

“celebrities’ reputations [change] because … the Internet is nonsensical”

adding that celebrities shouldn’t have to be judged so harshly because of their actions, since they are just as human as we are, and therefore prone to making mistakes.

Clearly, social media has its advantages and disadvantages. However, the idea of the Internet having the power to benefit or damage a celebrity’s image leads to a bigger question: In this era of technological advancements, do people have the right to know about the lives of the celebrities, or do celebrities have the right to more privacy?

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