Freshmen Domination

For the first time in its history, ISM is sending 17 freshman athletes to compete overseas in IASAS. Being a freshman on the IASAS team is no small feat. Size, social hierarchy, and experience level all pose daunting problems to freshmen.

According to freshman volleyball player Sophia Lapus, it was a challenge to muster up “the courage to try out for a varsity sport and learning how to manage time with school work, volleyball, and still having a social life”.  Size also poses a challenge for many hopeful freshman athletes.  For volleyball player Seokhyun Ma, this factor initially “diminished [his] confidence to try-out”. Despite these hurdles, freshmen value their sports because they serve as outlets for stress and their teams are often their primary support system. “[Sports teams] make you much more comfortable and encourage you to try new activities” says soccer player Malaika Jamal. Now nearing the end of the season, the freshmen have been able to collect a variety of experiences, from bonding with other athletes in Pre-IASAS, to learning new skills specific to their sports.

As Jamal puts it, “Everything was worth it!” The sheer number of freshman Bearcat representatives is an indication of the power of dedication and perseverance. Great job freshies!

Article by: Isabel Wilson, 12
BOB Design by: Jessica Zhang & Jess Cuadro, 9

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