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With first season IASAS coming to a close, second season is quickly approaching. Rugby, touch, tennis, basketball and swimming athletes are all feeling extremely excited, anxious, and nervous for the upcoming tryouts, starting on the 16th of October. Second season is known to be the busiest season of all, lasting from October to February with multiple school holidays fragmenting team practice schedules.

IMG_4340The first challenge players must face is tryouts. A tip from senior varsity athlete Liam Kilpatrick is to “come to tryouts with everything you have to offer and do your absolute best”. Coaches are looking for fit, dedicated athletes with an understanding of the game. Varsity level sports are very demanding and require great endurance and skill. Furthermore returning players are not guaranteed a spot on the team so each player has to work hard for his/her place. Senior varsity athlete Yuske Fukuyama believes that “anyone can make IASAS if they work hard [during] every practice and game”.

Steven Dodd, one of the touch rugby coaches, says that athletes should expect tryouts to be very tough. Fitness, skills and mental strength will be tested over the span of three days in order to find the best athletes in the school. It is also important to remember to tryout for the love of the sport. Sophomore varsity athlete Samantha Um says it’s important to “play with  heart, not your mind”

11167_10151377375367707_984159037_n (1)However, with all the struggles that accompany second season come greater rewards. Senior varsity athlete Callum Gregori notes how it’s important “to know you’re working not only for yourself, but for your teammates and coaches”. Yuske agrees saying, “the trust and connection we build throughout the season brings us together like a family”.

A final word of advice from varsity girls basketball coach Douglas McQueen

“Play confident, give your best effort and don’t worry about making a mistake. That is all you can ask of yourself.”


Article by: Candice Hodges, 10
Photographs by: Ashley Miller, 12

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