7 Nutritious and Appetizing Meals in the Cafeteria That You Should Order:

When we’re pressed for time during lunch, and the last thing we want to worry about is what we’re going to eat, we often find ourselves ordering the usual pizza or burger. Yet there are far too many unappreciated nutritious and delicious meals in the canteen this year that are filled with omega-3 fish oils, protein, veggies and countless other fresh ingredients. So the next time you’re unsure of what to get for lunch you should definitely check out these 7 nutritious and appetizing meals.

1.  Chicken Pollo: Piadina

If you’re craving some of that cheesy goodness this is the meal for you. Divided into small slices, it’s the perfect hand food to bring to meetings, or simply to enjoy without worrying about cleaning up afterwards.

 Chicken Pollo (Option #1)

2.  Chicken Taco Salad: Allegro

A fusion between Mexican and Italian culture, this creamy and crunchy dish is quickly prepared giving you the nutrients and taste that you crave. Best eaten with Allegro’s Iced Tea, this is the ideal meal to quickly finish before studying in the library.

Chicken Taco Salad (Option #4)

3.  Hainanese Chicken: Asian Express

No more having to go to Singapore, just to eat some Hainanese Chicken Rice; they’ve brought the oriental goodness right to our campus. Sticky rice and boneless chicken, it seems, is the secret to success.

Hainanese Chicken (Option #2)

4.  Peanut Butter & Banana Sandwich: Yogi Chef

Forgot to bring a snack before practice? Don’t fret, Yogi Chef has the answer for you. Simple yet nourishing, the ole peanut butter sandwich, spiced up with the banana addition, may be the best form of comfort food after a long day at school.

Peanut Butter & Banana Sandwich (Option #2)

5.  Pizza Set: Piadina

Mushrooms, creamy carbonara sauce, thin crust; it almost sounds too good to be true. Though not the most colorful of meals, this is one that will certainly do service to your wallet, while also providing the carbs you may need for staying active.

Piadina Pizza Set (Option #1)

6. Quiche Lorraine: Rustans

The ultimate pastry food, at your disposal- as a breakfast, snack, lunch or after school treat. You can grab it on the go, or relish in the creamy center of the dish. A countryside meal so charming  you can almost hear the birds chirping as you sink your teeth into the custard.

Quiche Lorraine (Option #2)

7. Shawarma: Asian Express

It doesn’t get much more healthier than this; tomato, beef, onion, and the special Shawarma sauce all assembled together in a balanced and scrumptious wrap. Just be careful not to let the ingredients fall out at the bottom!

Shawarma (Option #2)

Photographs by: Maxine Alindogan

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