The Inspector General: After the ‘Act’

Article by: Isabel Quah

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Charlie Chaplin once said, “A day without laughter is a day wasted.” This year’s high school play, adapted from Russian playwright Nikolai Gogol’s comedy, The Inspector General (1836), featured witty characters and hilarious dialogue that kept the crowd in stitches. The production was a hit among parents, teachers, and students alike. Premiering on October 17, the play had four shows, one of which required the FAT balcony to be opened – a true triumph that last occurred in 2006.


Aaron Sobel, ISSBA PRO, remarks that the play was “a well-timed and very fast-paced piece of hilarity. With [a] torrential downpour of jokes and a twister of sexual innuendos, there was never a dull moment in [The Inspector General].”

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Teachers and parents were equally impressed. Parent and faculty member Ms. Gifford stated that, “I thought it was very funny and brilliant, as well as professionally done. One of the reasons why it was so effective was because of good cast chemistry.”

The show’s magnificent appraise left cast and crew feeling elated, and was an experience that will never be forgotten. Lead actor Sam Chapman recalled, “I thought the audience was very responsive and that they were able to appreciate the topicality of our production.”

The play even drew praise from famous Filipino tour guide Carlos Celdran who announced, “Bravo to the International School Manila’s production of

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Gogol’s The Inspector General directed by Tami Monsod. Brilliant. Perfectly casted. This brilliant ensemble, using the power of comedy improv, managed to make a 177 year old Russian play seem fresh, relevant, and edgy.”

The Inspector General drew laughter from the masses and was a great school stress-reliever. Perhaps, in the end, laughter is the best medicine.

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