UNESCO: World Leaders in the Making

With all the clubs running on-campus, it’s definitely easy to overlook some of the great activities that the student-leaders of our school engage in. One such club is UNESCO Club Global City, which was first convened in 2010 by Stella Kuh (Class of 2011), who approached current Senior and head of UNESCO Club Global City Jae Woo Jang with the idea of creating an independent youth group that could best serve the local community. According to Jae Woo, the organization was built to become the “center for strategic community engagement”. He adds that the UNESCO club not only runs service activities, but also is a “research institute that constructs strategic and scientific bases to find a solution to the enduring problems in our society”.

UNESCO Members - taken by Eun Soo Park (3)

After the establishment of UNESCO Club Global City, in that same year, the National Association of UNESCO Club Philippines (NAUCP) was established. Since then, the club has enjoyed the implementation of many projects on a national scale, involving communication among the youth of our community as well as the government and corporations.

Currently, they host four projects:

1)     Project “LEARNeD”: a program spearheaded by Jun Woo Jang and Aaron Sobel that partners UNESCO with the Taguig government and corporate partners to build libraries and cyber labs in 34 different schools for both students and the community.

UNESCO Members - taken by Eun Soo Park (1)

2)     Project “NEST”: a tutoring program founded and led by Isabel Wilson and Mia Kawazu designed for stud

e) in order to bridge the gaps between the best and worst performing students who seek additional help with their school subjects (Math, English and Science of Philippine Elementary Schools.

3)     “Mind Mover”: a project aimed to engage local students in learning science by exposing them to hands-on science experiments on a weekly basis.

4)     “Botanical Garden”: a carefully researched project that aims to build gardens in local schools to promote environmental conservation and student interaction.

The UNESCO Club has been engaged in more than three international and local research conferences, where many of their research works have been published in books and journals hosted by universities, research centers and online databases such as EBSCOHOST and Google Scholar. UNESCO Members - taken by Eun Soo Park (2)

So, what can we do to help?

The ISM community can support UNESCO Club Global City’s ever-growing cause by volunteering for the various service projects, and by responding positively to the goals which they are planning to achieve.

Ultimately, it is undeniable that the UNESCO Club at our school is one to watch out for and to commend, filled with future world leaders set on making a positive change.

Written by: Chantal Marauta

Interviewee: Jae Woo Jang

Photographs by: Eun Soo Park 

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