Sport as a Panacea

ISM Varsity sports teams are infamous for their demanding physical and mental training regimes as well as their time consuming practices that span the best part of every week. Athletes are subject to hours upon hours of training drills, fitness with Mr. Highland, and a great amount of mental preparation as they look towards IASAS at the end of each season. Many Bearcats hold high expectations for themselves to thrive in their respective sports, but what is it that keeps them going?

Callum Gregori, a three-year veteran of IASAS Rugby says that “being able to travel to other countries and play internationally,” is a major driving factor, along with his love for the sport and tendency to push himself harder and achieve greater heights. He also pays tribute to the “fantastic coaches,” that give up their time and energy in order to help the teams develop and grow throughout the season. Additionally he enjoys playing varsity rugby at ISM because of the “wide variety of people,” that he gets to play with.

Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 2.00.49 PMA varsity football player, Antonio (Txavi) Evangelista also shares his thoughts on sport motivation. “My love for the sport brought me where I am and I want to prove myself and get better”, Txavi says. “The only way to [improve] is to play for the stronger team of the sport I play.” Striving to be selected for the IASAS squad was also a great motivation for Txavi as he didn’t make the varsity squad the year before.

Our varsity athletes do face many demanding and challenging obstacles on their way to IASAS and sometimes it can feel overwhelming. However, they do share a determined motivation to push themselves to their limits, whether thats their love for the sport or their personal goals for the season.

Article by: Joe Flynn, 11
Photographs by: Mary Michelle Rabaya, 12 and Paul Zaini, ISKL Photographer

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