9 Signs You Know It’s Christmas Season in the Philippines

1. All the small Christmas Ornaments find their way to the living room

Decoration at Home (Option #1)

(Photograph by: Maxine Alindogan)


2. Your family and friends start planning their Christmas gifts in October

Gifts (Option #1)

(Photograph by: Maxine Alindogan)


3. Christmas music and decorations fill the mall starting in September

Decoration at Malls (Option #5)

(Photograph by: Maxine Alindogan)


4. Street vendors begin selling santa claus hats

Vendors Santa Hats (Option #1)

(Photograph from: http://emirates247.com/)


5. Outlandish plastic Christmas trees emerge in department stores


Decoration at Malls (Option #2)

(Photograph by: Maxine Alindogan)


6. Fur coats line the racks in clothing stores (how they manage to sell in the Philippines, we’ll never know)

Winter Clothing (Option #4)

(Photograph from: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/)


7. Starbucks releases their Christmas drinks and everyone starts filling out their sticker cards to get the yearly planner

Starbucks (Option #3)

(Photograph by: Maxine Alindogan)


8. Parols illuminate the streets and the doorways of houses

Parol (Option #1)

(Photograph from: http://lh6.ggpht.com/)


9. Poinsettias, the “Christmas Flower,” becomes the selected choice of decoration for gardens, stair banisters and flower pots

Poinsettia (Option #2)

(Photograph by: Maxine Alindogan)


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