Family Fun Day 2013

Written by: Mavie Cruz, 11

Family Fun Day (FFD) is one of the most widely participated annual events in ISM, as it is a day for family and friends to have fun and bond as a community. FFD is organized and put together through the rigorous, combined efforts of the Parent Teacher Association (PTA), the ISM administration and the student body. What is most unique and important about Family Fun Day is that it is not only set up for ISM students, parents, and faculty to have fun, but also to give back to the community and help school clubs gain the funds and experience they need to move forward.

Danielle Limcaoco, co-executive director of Battle of the Bands, says that the committee doesn’t “depend heavily on Family Fun Day for funds,” but instead, uses this event “to see some of the dedicated members of [their] club.” In the long run, she mentions that they “invest in these dependable people to keep [their club] sustainable.” On the other hand, some clubs join FFD to raise money and advertise for their groups. Isabel Wilson, co-president of ISM’s Chosen Children’s Village (CCV) club comments, “FFD is a great way for CCV to earn money and is also a great way for CCV to progress.” Isabel also shares, “all of our activities require money, whether it’s in buying diapers or powdered milk. FFD is a chance to reach out to the wider student body.” Hence, whether it acts as a training phase for new participants, a club exposition or fundraiser event, Family Fun Day is a win-win situation for all members of the ISM community.

When asked about how FFD will be different compared to last year, PTA Head Advisor Kristine Puno, remarks that this year is based upon “a Carnival” theme and that the PTA is trying to create “a safe environment with activities for all ages.” In addition, the support of FFD’s major sponsors has enabled them to “organize carnival games, prizes and activities for all ages, four enormous inflatables with appetizing food vendors, bazaar shopping, and an exciting raffle draw with major prizes such as getaways to Amanpulo and Coco Beach.”

Ultimately, Family Fun Day is a great way to spend a weekend. It is an opportunity to take a break from the stress of work and school and it is a fantastic chance to interact and celebrate the ISM community. See you all on the 16th of November!

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