Do Google Glasses Aid Learning?

Article by: Nicole Yoon

Illustration by: Sung Hee Bae

By 2014, Google will uncover its new invention, the “Google Glasses,” for widespread consumer use. However, the glasses’ capabilities are no secret to us: the functions, design, and potentials of the glasses are already common knowledge for most. Just like any other innovative technology, there are two opposing views on this new invention. Google glasses are either hailed as the “next big thing” by some, or labeled as “one of those temporary fads” by others. Nevertheless, one common factor both sides agree upon is that Google Glasses represent a shift in technology that cannot be ignored.

The glasses are designed to work like compact smartphones, similar to those in sci-fi movies. People in favor of this device contend that it will easily capture important moments and facts. With the new hands-free voice commands, people will be able to multitask; for example, one can simultaneously view information or pictures while writing a school paper at home. Shin Won Kim, a junior, says, “The Google glasses are incredibly innovative. In 20 years I feel like this will be an integral aspect of people’s lives”. She also adds, “[They have the] potential to be used as a learning aid, if used properly, because people can have a continuous flow of information about what they learn in school”.

Despite google classes’ capabilities, there are many of those who oppose to this revolutionary gadget. Junior, Danielle Limcaoco, comments, “I think Google glasses are similar to the ones people from WALL-E wear. If we start becoming more digital, what will be the difference between us and the people in the film?” With the help of these glasses, people will no longer have the need to move anywhere, which is similar to what had happened to the characters in WALL-E. To add onto this, the glasses may serve as a distraction for many learners. Although they may be able to provide information simultaneously, they may prevent people from focusing on one thing through their constant bombardment of information. Additionally, once students get used to a more visual representation of the world, it may be hard for students to continue traditional and effective methods of learning.

Undoubtedly, the Google glasses have their supporters and its oppositions. Still, since it is hard to decide on what they will bring or take away prior to their release, their impacts will still remain a mystery until December of next year.

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