Breadth or Depth? The rise of one-season athletes

An intense passion for the game, an unequivocal love for the sport, and dreams of performing at a higher level are the common denominators fueling the perseverance and indisputable success of ISM’s one-season superstars. These athletes have endorphins and adrenaline afforded to them by the challenges of their respective sports. Varsity tennis captain, Jasmine Ho explains her love for  “the challenge that tennis brings”. She adds that the “atmosphere tennis creates constantly motivates [her] to become a better player”. There is no doubt that achieving such a level of prowess in any depth of sport demands a plethora of athletic skills, many of which can overlap between sports; therefore, a multitude of these athletes have grown up experiencing a diverse range of sports. Track star Amy Mes reveals,

“My entire family was obsessed with football and sports in general. Growing up, it was a huge part of my life. My parents always tell me that when I first started walking, I wasn’t walking, I was running.”

This pattern of natural athletic skill is also prominent in IASAS All-Tournament athlete Berk Genel, who had made tough a tough decision to drop his second varsity sport in order to vigorously pursue his main sport, basketball.

Often the community tends to overlook the roles that these athletes play in their respective sports. In effect, their leadership and devotion to the game inspire fellow teammates to strive to attain an equal level of proficiency. Varsity Track and Field athlete, Lau Pena describes her fellow teammate and captain Amy Mes as “an inspirational figure. Amy sets the best example for the team to train hard and reach for the stars.” Thus these one-season athletes should be commended for not only their athletic expertise, but also for their role in leading their teams to collective success. Staying true to Berk Genel’s favorite quote by Tim Duncan, “Good, better, best, never let it rest, until your good is better and your better is best”, these athletes are establishing themselves to be the best of ISM’s best.

Article by: Samantha Um, 10
Photographs by: Ariana Mapua, 12

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