The Importance of JV

Often times, ISM’s skilled and accomplished varsity teams overshadow the importance of our junior varsity teams. However it is often forgotten that junior varsity is the future of our schools sports. Players moving up from JV to varsity this year regard JV as “a good way to learn the game, to establish good techniques and to make a lot of new friends.”

Every Wednesday, the weekly “twilight” touch rugby games facilitate the opportunity for the JV touch rugby team to demonstrate its importance. The junior varsity and varsity teams play against each other, as it is a good opportunity not only for JV members to develop their skills, but also for the coaches to see the potential of JV members.

It is arguable, however, that JV’s purpose of developing better players is not being served as few JV players move up to varsity the following years. Moreover, the JV practices are definitely much less intense with lower expectations. Nevertheless, having a JV team is beneficial as it serves as a more comfortable environment for aspiring varsity athletes to play the game and fill in the gaps where there is room for improvement.

Junior varsity is a great way to learn the game, and learn basic plays without the pressure that varsity has. Also, it keeps athletes playing the game. Coach Wislang, one of the touch rugby coaches, notes that if there were only varsity teams, there would be so many people without the opportunity to play. JV is a great way to keep lots of players involved and build confidence, as seen with the twenty girls on the JV touch rugby squad. Additionally, the JV touch girls were undefeated against other schools last year, which is a testament to the actual ability of JV teams.

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Article by: Candice Hodges, 10
Photographys by: Sung Yun Bae, 12

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