A Service Filled Family Fun Day

Family Fun Day (FFD) is not only a day to have fun and spend time with family and friends, but also a time for clubs and organizations to set up various interesting stalls and booths in order to give back to the community.

One important club that’s giving back this year is KASAMA. KApamilya SA International School of Manila, or “The Family of ISM”, aims to give back to the ISM community by directly helping out the ISM staff and their children. This year, similar to previous years, the KASAMA children got to participate in FFD and have fun in the different booths. Also, before FFD actually began, the KASAMA kids got to partake in various activities in the morning to get pumped for the exciting day ahead of them. Nicole Yoon, KASAMA Secretary, says that it is crucial to share the FFD experience with the KASAMA kids, “not only because they are part of our ISM community, but also because it’s with the help of their parents or their family that such an event is made possible”.

Bianca Fuentes, Co-president of KASAMA, says that bringing the KASAMA kids to FFD makes it more “family-like”, bringing the whole community together. She stresses the importance because “we often isolate ourselves to our comfort and we forget that the people around us—even in our communities—would enjoy these activities, just like us”. By having fun and relishing in these activities together, we, as an ISM community, become closer and “remove the ‘gaps’ that society often tells us we have”.

Such creative ways in which clubs give back to the community truly inspire and encourage other students to help out. Overall, FFD was a successful day, not only in terms of achieving the goal to provide fun, but also in terms of giving back and making a positive impact on the whole ISM community.

Article By: Shin Won Kim

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