We have reached the halfway mark of the second season, and as athletes continue to prepare for their IASAS tournaments, our Bearcat swimmers, basketball players, rugby and touch rugby players all test how they fair when put head-to-head with athletes from the other IASAS schools in their upcoming Pre-IASAS tournaments. Our swim team will head to Bangkok, rugby and touch rugby teams to Kuala Lumpur, while our basketball teams will host ISKL, ISB, and JIS this coming weekend.

Many may question the need for Pre-IASAS, given the heavy workload for students, and the various other commitments they have in and out of school.

Screen Shot 2013-11-28 at 10.11.22 PMAccording to touch rugby coach, Mr. Dodd, “Pre IASAS is a great opportunity to play some competitive games against good opposition.” There are more than twenty top-quality teams represented in this abridged tournament, with players from various parts of Asia. He believes the tournament “Gives the team some great games against awesome opponents, allowing the players to see the game played at the highest level.”

Emily Kobayashi, who was a three season IASAS participants last year as a volleyball, touch and track and field athlete, shared her perspective on Pre-IASAS. In contrast to her coach’s perspective, she believes that “Pre-IASAS is a great opportunity for players to prove to the coaches their worth. Pre-IASAS is the time when everyone steps up their game, and an incredible opportunity that players should take advantage of it.”

Across the different sports, the jerseys the teams wear, and the equipment they use may be different, but they all seem to agree that Pre-IASAS is a great experience for the players and coaches.

Article by: Joyce Chen, 11
Photographs by: Sung Yun Bae

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