Article By: Lucas Ramos 

On November 22, the Xbox One was released worldwide, in a direct console war with the Playstation 4 that was also recently released on November 15. While not many students in ISM have their hands on either of the latest generations of these video game consoles quite yet, with the coming Christmas season, it would be very likely that the Xbox and Playstation will be in high demand. Both of these consoles have undergone drastic development since the their first models, and the many features and upgrades to these consoles are a testament to how rapidly technology can evolve and adapt to our needs today.

When the original Xbox had come out it had one sole purpose: to be the only gaming device a person would ever need. Although it is still faced with competition from Sony’s Play Station today, the new Xbox One has evolved from it’s initial goal and now aims to be the only device a family would want in their living room. The Xbox is tailored with a slew of other features aside from gaming that are designed to entertain both hardcore gamers and their mothers. It can act as a Blu-ray player, a cable box, and allow access to many applications common to people today, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Netflix to name a few. On top of this, Xbox also boasts the new peripheral Kinect 2, which allows for multiple new ways to control games and TV via gestures and voice commands.

Needless to say, the developments in the design and purpose of the Xbox is just one prime example of how video game consoles are being expanded beyond the realm of gaming and into the everyday lifestyle of our 21st century society.

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