“There’s a powerful aura of protectiveness within the team when we played home games” claimed Paolo Mojica, a member of this year’s successful Boys Basketball Pre-IASAS team, “At home, the support given by the crowd and bearcat pride just comes naturally on our home court really gives us that extra push to perform at a higher level”, he elaborated.

Screen Shot 2013-11-28 at 10.20.16 PMIn most sports, there is a theory of a ‘home court’ advantage, where the team playing at their ‘home court’ is more likely to win than not. This could be due to not having to go through the burden of travelling, a greater familiarity with the nuances of the venue, and the amount of avid fans cheering on the games over the weekend, with the latter of which being proven to lead to an increase in adrenaline levels in the brain. As a result of this, athletes tend to play better at home.

This effect is explained by another member of the team, Justin Pesengo, who claims that he “could feel the energy and everything from the crowd, and even though [he] was exhausted at times, [he] was able to push further and give a little more than [he] could normally” and that the crowd motivated him “to want to prove something to everybody including [himself]”. This idea of ‘home court advantage’ is also shown statistically in NBA games where over 60% of home games result in match victories, which despite not enough to sway a tournament, is still an identifiable advantage for the home team.

This idea of ‘home court advantage’ can benefit other sport teams in events such as this year’s IASAS Swimming, which will be hosted in ISM in its new and improved swimming facilities. With that said, our support will undoubtedly help in improving the performances and morale of the athletes swimming in this year’s IASAS, so when the time comes, let the opponents know that this is in fact, the home of the bearcats.

Article by: Joseph Hadaway, 11
Photographs by: Ariana Mapua, 12

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