Second season is known to be the most hectic season of all, lasting from October to February with multiple school holidays fragmenting team practice schedules. Especially with the Christmas break coming up, athletes must maintain their fitness levels for next semester when the season resumes. If they use this break wisely, they can potentially improve their performances, but if they don’t, it can possibly regress them.

For Daniel Lawrie, a rugby forward, the Christmas holidays does not seem to be a hindrance to his rugby season. He seems to be able to pick up exactly where he left off before the break. When asked if his coaches pressed him to train over the break, Daniel responded, “Yeah, they do but I would have done so anyway”. For the rugby team, this includes a fairly strict regime of cardio training on the track, weights and carefully planned out diet. However, the one problem that he did find when resuming after the break was the team cohesion was not always there, and some time was needed for them to regroup. It was only after this that plays started to make sense again.

It seems the one thing that separates these athletes from those who do have trouble during and after the winter break is not that they are physically more gifted than others but it is their attitude. They set new goals and constantly train, and hopefully, this mentality will lead our Bearcat athletes to a successful campaign this year.

Article by: Jim Kang, 12
Original Photograph (Hyperlink)

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