Idle? IDLe!

Written by: Joyce Chen, 11

Since the start of the school year, officers of ISM’s forensics club have been working diligently on adding activities to promote public speaking interests in ISM. The new ISM Debate League (IDLe) is one of them.

IDLe is a debate program that happens every Wednesday after school. The debate topic would be released on the Monday of the same week, and all students could sign up to participate. Some of the questions that have appeared in the IDLe sessions ranged from environmental protection to nuclear proliferation, and even to the implementation of fat tax. This provides a chance for everyone to mull over these current issues, and either to defend their own opinions, or to think from another angle to improve on their previous believes.

On Friday December 5, the first season of ISM’s debate league came to an end with the “Red Carpet ceremony”, a celebration of the IDLe program. In this ceremony, the debate advisors Mr. Curry and Ms. Lin would reveal the winners of the IDLe awards as well as the ISM’s IASAS debate team members. The IASAS team members were selected based on the student’s performances in the tryout, which occurred several days prior to the ceremony. Roughly 20 people tried out, but only 6 selected.

Stepping into Mr. Curry’s class, there was a sudden change in the atmosphere. The room was quiet; students were either whispering among themselves or staring aimlessly deep in thought.

Mr. Lin first announced the winners of the IDLe awards:

Best Freshman Debater: Jess Cuadro

Best Sophomore Debater: Ash Li Khoo

Most Improved: Freshman Abhi Kottamasu

Bearcat Spirited Debater: Sophomore Aparna Mohan

Best IDLe Debater: Sophomore Shine Chin

Then, as the advisors proceeded to announce the IASAS results, the air became stiffer. Students, especially those who have a chance of being selected, all hold their breath. They sit expectantly yet anxiously on their chairs, waiting for the names to be called for the honor to represent ISM in this year’s IASAS Cultural Convention Forensics to be held at TAS.

Mr. Curry announced:

“ISM IASAS debate team A: Shivani Phadke, Rohan Tulsiani and Anirban Chatterjee, and ISM debate team B: Michael Limmena, Brian Molloy and Dustin Ercolano.”

 With some surprise, some relief, and some heart-broken, the first season of IDLe officially concluded. New semester, we look forward to a new season of IDLe with more heated debates.

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