Street Lights. Decorations. Carols. Reindeers. Cinnamon Cookies. All have one thing in common: Christmas.

Christmas is arguably the most festive day celebrated across the globe. Though Christmas has traditionally observed as a Christian holiday to celebrate the birth of Jesus, over the years, it has evolved into something more: a celebration that transcends a simply a religious significance.

Of course, this does not mean that the old Christian traditions have in any way disappeared during the celebration of Christmas. For instance, Gaea Morales, a senior who is a dedicated Catholic, devoutly goes to “mass at four or five in the morning for nine days leading up to Christmas, [starting] on the 16th”. She also stated that Christmas is a “very family-oriented event”; “ninangs, titas, and titos [feel] obligated to gift children” especially here in the Philippines, where Christmas is especially significant, as it is a strictly Catholic country. Furthermore, she added that Christmas “is [also an] advent season [where] there are symbols like the advent wreath with four candles”, not to mention a season for “a lot of reunions”. Overall, the Filipino idea of Christmas seems very much orthodox, maintaining a long tradition started thousands of years ago.

On the other hand, Clara Shin, a junior who is not a Christian, stated that although she does not have “all that fancy Christmas-y dinner, turkey on the table, etc.”, she still “stayed with her family and gave presents to others”. It can be said that everyone seems to enjoy the so-called “Christmas-y feel” with all the street decorations and baked goods to share with loved ones. As such, Christmas has evolved into an event that is not solely exclusive to Christians; it has become a celebration where everyone can enjoy a little cookie or give presents and feel the happiness.

Indeed, Christmas serves as a global celebration where people can thank each other and feel the happiness and warmth from those closest to their hearts.

Article written by: Lisa Lee, 12
Photo taken from: (hyperlink)

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