Article By: DeeDee Aeschliman

Photograph By: Jong Hyun Lee

Beyond the towering shadow of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, numerous other applications have emerged on smart phones and computers and have subsequently made their presence in the ISM culture.  Ranging from educational and organizational purposes to creativity and entertainment, these unique programs guide the student population day by day.


Snapchat is a popular message app that allows individuals to send user-generated photos.  Part of the charm of this app is its transient nature, because photos that are sent in Snapchat can last for at most, 10 seconds. Snapchat savant Nathan De Villa reveals that  “the excitement of the app comes from the short time period you can only see the picture. Just that feeling right when you open it, it’s indescribable.”

Candy Crushdownload

No Candy Crush addict can truly explain exactly what is so addicting about the particular game.  Yet, like a bewitching spell, it tantalizes its victims and consumes them. The game is simple; it is a match-three puzzle, where users swipe about rows of little candy pixels.  However, for some students, Candy Crush serves as a stimulating challenge, yet at the same time, a mind-numbing relief in the stressful, banal hours of the day.

iProcrastinatedownload (1)

Organizing projects with style, iProcrastinate is essentially a super advanced to-do list.  In ISM, students categorize their classes and activities by color, where they record the due dates of their various assignments and other miscellaneous chores.  “It really helps me stay on task,” says Cara Lee, “Especially in … IB, since there [are] a lot of things to keep of track of.”



Vine has become a popular social networking app, allowing its users to record short videos of funny, random moments, usually five to ten seconds long.  Compiled of short clips and designed for comedic purposes, these little “vines” are often watched and shared on social websites. Some may be ridiculous, but they are usually hilarious and resonate to the humor of our generation.

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