Holiday Sports

When one mentions “holiday”, visions of relaxing at home, touring an exotic city, eating profusely, or tanning on the sandy shores come to mind. However many Bearcats opt for a more athletic approach and decide to exercise over the break. Whether this be through trips to the gym or recreational activities such as skiing, scuba diving, snowboarding, and even bungee jumping, many ISM students chose to exercise for various personal reasons.

With the Christmas break falling right in the middle of second season sports, athletes strive to maintain or improve their levels of fitness. For example the Varsity Rugby team was given no mercy and dived right into a brutal Highland session the first week back in school. The work they had done over the break definitely helped them push themselves to this more intense level of fitness training.

Another reason Bearcats have been exercising over the break is to prepare themselves for the upcoming third season sports tryouts. Lucia Felix (Grade 11), a veteran track runner, felt that she needed to train over the Christmas break because she “needs to be fit and powerful to enter to the track team strongly.”

Sometimes, students spend their time with recreational sports, such as snowboarding. Luigi Villafuerte (Grade 11) spends every Christmas break in the snowy mountains of Niseko, Japan. “I love the snow and it’s so cold compared to the Philippines”, Luigi said. He relishes his holidays in the cold weather and enjoys taking a break from the sunny days in Manila.

Whether it is for recreational or purely athletic purposes, Bearcats strive to involve an aspect of sports even during their holidays. Regardless of the type, exercise will make a holiday productive and memorable.

Article Written by: Joe Flynn, 11
Photographs: Personal photos of Luigi Villafuerte, 11

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