Band Aid 2014

Article by: Shin Won Kim

Celebrating its 10th anniversary, Band Aid is returning revamped, and is presented by the high school’s Modern Music Masters (Tri-M) Honor Society. Band Aid is not occurring after International Family Fun Day, as it has been for the last few years, making it even more special as there is one special day dedicated for these musicians and dancers to showcase their talent. You will also notice the performers in Band Aid this year are from the classes Jazz Band, Show Choir, Rock 101, and Advanced Dance. This is because Band Aid has transitioned from an extracurricular, to a curricular performance, in order to reduce the extra time needed for after school and weekend rehearsals. Junior Geun Woo Park, a show choir student who is performing for Band Aid, expressed that he was excited to find that “there [were] not many after-school rehearsals” he had to attend.

However, despite the differences that you may experience in this year’s Band Aid, this year’s performance will still be quite similar to the previous years’. Band Aid is still using all the proceeds for charity. Tri-M secretary, Jeong Mook Lim says “Not only is it great that all the proceeds will be donated to charity, but it is also amazing that there is a service performance for children from various service partners” which will allow the children to also enjoy the great music displayed in the performance. This performance will be held on Wednesday, January 29, a day before the concert open to everyone.

Bianca Cartera, a dancer in her third year of Band Aid, highlighted another similarity you may notice. She states that “Band Aid is quite special because it is one of the only shows in ISM in which the different arts programs can get together and showcase their incredible talents”. Like the past years, this has also been opportunity for different musical groups to interact and socialize, and this bond shows through the smooth flow of one performance into the next.

So what are you waiting for? Tickets are being sold right this moment by Band Aid performers, and you can also get them in the cashier for 250 pesos!

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