The Sound of Giving Back

Band Aid Poster“Band Aid is the culmination of the best music and dance groups of ISM. It’s the demonstration of… their skills to raise money for people that are in need,” says Chaewoon Kim, a member of Jazz Band.

Established in 2005 as a fundraising relief effort by then-senior Jacques Branellec and HS Mathematics teacher James Atkinson, Band Aid raised money for communities affected by the typhoons that had just “ravaged the north of the Philippines”, according to Mr. Atkinson. Band Aid, now an annual event at ISM, involves nearly 100 students fromShow Choir, Rock Band, Jazz Band, Advanced Dance, and the Tri-M Music Honor Society. He adds, “Over the years, Band Aid has raised over a million pesos, donating the proceeds to causes…including GK-777 housing projects, families for life-saving surgery, [as well as] Hatian orphans and earthquake victims.”

Band Aid is a way of giving back to the community through a mutual language – music and dance. Tri-M Music Honor Society member, Nicole Yoon, said that the most important part of Band Aid is that “we have two performances…and one of them is dedicated purely to the service partners of ISM.” She stated that the spirit of Band Aid lies in “the fact that we can sing, dance and play our instruments knowing that we are somehow giving back to our community.”

So what sets Band Aid apart from other fundraising, student-led activities at ISM? According to Chaewoon, it is the “sheer number of styles of music and dances that are performed; from 90’s dance music…to modern day pop songs”.

Band Aid: by watching an exciting mix of funk, rock n’ roll and carefree dances, you have the opportunity to give back. Tickets are on sale for 250Php, and the show is on January 30th at 5pm in the FAT.

Article By: Chantal Marauta

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