Fitbots: Fitness & Technology at ISM

In recent years, technology has made giant strides in the fitness department, as the hype for a healthy lifestyle continues to increase. All kinds of manufacturers are attempting to mix fashion, sport, and fitness, in the new race for athleticism technology. GPS trackers, activity monitoring tech, heart rate monitors, pedometers, hydration monitors and the like  are rapidly improving in durability, strength, and popularity. The applications for these devices are intriguing, and the possibilities for them are endless.

With second season IASAS just around the corner, the pressure is on both the coaches and the athletes to perform their best. In preparing for the tournament, ISM has made various technological advancements in the fitness and sport department.unnamedThe touch rugby coaches, for example, have invested in heart rate monitors for each member of the team, two Nike sport watches, and attempted to use a helicopter camera to record practice. The coaches chose to implement this kind of technology this year in hopes of “making [their] jobs easier,” as Doddy, one of the coaches, states. The use of the heart rate monitors allows them to get a “subjective view on the state of fitness of the players”, which in turn allows many benefits in the training sessions. For example, it allows “more structure during the fitness sessions, and a creation of more appropriate drills”. In addition, as sophomore touch player Ysabel Ayala states, the sport watches that act as pedometers and the helicopter allow “us to record games and then directly simulate those situations in our practices”. She also adds, “the footage allows us to evaluate our plays, and see how they work against different teams”.

unnamed (1)Similar to touch, the swim team will also be implementing a new form of technology with their use of the “helicopter camera” next week in IASAS. The flying camera will hopefully be used to capture better angles of the swimmers and provide viewers with a more accurate live stream. As they say, the sky’s the limit!

Article by: Erin O’Reilly

Photos by: Jenny Hwang

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