Written by: Lucas Ramos, 11

Although sports tend to dominate the bulk of IASAS events, there are many other traveling activities that one can represent the school through, including Cultural Convention, MUN, Robotics and Math. However, within this category, IASAS Math is considered relatively low-key and often forgotten about. Although the math competition is very difficult, it understandably doesn’t achive the same prestige because those who participate don’t get to travel, only miss one period of class, and aren’t eligible for the Varsity Jacket. Despite these hindrances, IASAS Math is still a competetive event where the geeks of Math HL and Math Honors strive to score higher than their IASAS rivals

The tournament is based off of an annual contest called the American Math Competition (AMC) wherein students have one hour to be able to answer twenty-five multiple-choice questions, ranging from easy to mind-bogglingly perplexing. Most find it difficult to complete, but the brightest of ISM’s math program are able to. To these participants, the AMC is a task they look forward to, as Math IASAS participant Tom Hong says that he “enjoys solving challenging problems, especially those that he finds on the AMC.” However, most people are less enthusiastic and interested in the test, as junior Joseph Hadaway states, “there isn’t really much in it for me.”

While advanced math students continue to study hard in their classes, hopefully our mathletes will be able to win gold for our school. As they compete, we should collectively try to treat our representatives with the same respect that we give our athletes, in order to motivate them to perform as best as possible.

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