Article by: Jim Kang

Photographs collated by: Amanda Vestergaard


American Idol. The Voice. America’s Got Talent. Scores of singing shows have sprung up around the world, catching people’s attention in recent years. These shows showcase the natural talents of ordinary people, all in the hope of achieving their artistic dreams. In the time between commercial breaks, contestants can evolve from bartenders, secretaries, and construction workers to famous celebrities. This could be the reason why singing competition showsappeal to so many today. They indulge our deepest desires, letting us dream and hope for a famed life, recognition for our talents, and international celebrity status. These singing shows also reflect how much raw singing talent is out there in the world, and remind us just how talented the everyday person can be. The

1862042719_1386607085surprising success and international rise to fame of singer Susan Boyle on Britain’s Got Talent in 2009 is just one example of the “rags to riches” dream we all want realized for ourselves. These shows seem to teach their viewers inspirational lessons, too, and there is always humor through some contestants’ bold and wacky auditions. Singing shows combine humor, inspiration, and, occasionally, beautiful music – it is no wonder they have swept us off our feet.

 One of ISM’s biggest fundraising events is, in fact, a singing contest – Battle of the Bands. A staggering 500 students attended BOB Preliminaries and 500 are expected during the coming Final. KC Keppler, BOB’s main organizer, gave us some insight on singing competitions. As KC explains, “[BOB] is a chance for the whole school to come together and support their classmates, students, and children. Everybody listens to music, so these competitions can appeal to many different kinds of people. In the performers case, it is an opportunity to perform for a real audience… there is something there for everyone.” We hope that Battle of the Bands continues to evolve and gain support so that all of ISM’s musical talent is showcased, and so that all of us can be inspired.

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