People often think of Battle of the Bands as a paid event that features good music for a good cause. In fact, every year BOB manages to raise approximately Php 550,000! But where do all these proceeds go, and who do they help? A long-term project undertaken by the BOB Committee this year was to sponsor the education of a child from SPECS (a prominent service club active in ISM) from Kindergarten through to Grade 12.

In order to be able to raise the amount of money needed for such projects, naturally the BOB Committee must put on a great performance. So how is BOB able to pull off such a feat? According to co-President of the BOB Committee Danielle Limcaoco, “BOB is able to pull off such an amazing show because of the amazing team. Undeniably, the students that are a part of the planning process are some of the most dedicated, hardworking and passionate people [she has] ever met.” The committee is not alone in their hard work. “We have a great Teacher Advisor [Mr. Dale Hutchison] to always keep us on track,” said Limcaoco.

So why should the ISM student body care about where the proceeds of BOB go? When asked this very question, Limcaoco responded, “The ISM student body should care…because BOB is not your average fundraiser. We spend months creating an event that we know will generate a lot of cash – enough cash to make a huge and lasting impact on any service project or organisation. Therefore, students should care about the proceeds of BOB because every entrance baller band they buy, every raffle ticket, and every friend they invite is essentially more money that can be used to help better the ISM community, and even [more importantly] the greater Philippine community.”

Indeed, beyond a showcase of the school’s musical talent, BOB is an event that is enjoyed by not only the student body, but also the local community.

Article By: Chantal Marauta

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