Spanish Honor Society: Holy Family

Spanish Honor Society (SHS) is widely acknowledged for their exotic hispanic food and tutoring services in the school. As such, the extensive service work they do with their service partner, Holy Family, might come as a surprise to many. Unbeknownst to many, SHS ardently organizes events to donate and help the Holy Family. Holy Family, an orphanage for girls from the ages of 6 to 22, provides a safe and educational environment for these girls, giving them the opportunity to create a future for themselves.

SHS member Valerie Toze states that they focus on “bringing the two communities together: ours and Holy Family’s”. Through frequent visits to the orphanage, they are able to break barriers, get to know these girls and become a part of their lives. During their visits the SHS carries out group activities that encourage teamwork between the ISM students and the girls in the Holy Family. These activities include games, arts and crafts, and helping them with their studies if needed. Valerie also mentioned that their role as a Hispanic Honor Society is try to promote and teach Hispanic culture. Holy Family is a perfect service partner to them because many of the nuns who take care of the children are Colombian. She said that their main aim as an Honor Society is “to promote a bright future for them once they are ready to leave the home in search of further education or a job”. By organizing bake sales and food stands that promote Hispanic culture, the ISM Spanish Honor Society is able to raise money to buy the girls textbooks and school supplies.

Though it is evident that the Spanish Honor Society do much in terms of spreading and promoting Spanish culture, it is also important to note how the club gives back to the local community, because through this we see the nature of service that shines through in any club, in any culture.

Article By: Fatima Mannapbekova

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