Flappy Bird Closing Down: The End to an (extremely short-lived) Era

Article by: Sunaina Ahuja

Photographs by: Ji Young Kim 

output_45HAzURemember when Tetris used to be one of the most popular games at ISM or when ISM went through the Angry Birds phase? Just like any other trend that constantly changes, the market of android games has also hit a new phase. The new ‘it’ game of late 2013 to early this year is Flappy Bird, created by a Vietnamese developer Nguyen Ha Dong. The objective of the game is to direct a flying bird by pressing the spacebar,  through sets of pipes making sure the bird does not bump into them. Senior, Kate Cabigao, expresses her thoughts about the game, saying, “I love Flappy Bird! I think it’s quite unique in its own way, and I play it at least once every week because I find it a bit difficult to get through the different levels, so I keep coming back for more in hopes that maybe someday I’ll get past level 1!” In ISM especially, Flappy Bird has gained a lot of popularity among high school students. People are getting introduced to this game through word of mouth, and sometimes even have Flappy Bird competitions according to another senior, Alice Lee, as she says: “Normally, I’m not one to socialise but Flappy Bird’s actually made me more sociable in the sense that I’ve had a few Flappy Bird competitions with friends, where I call them over and we play non-stop for a while! It’s a great way to break the ice.” It really looks like Flappy Bird has taken over our school.

Unfortunately, however, according to recent headlines, the creator of Flappy Bird has decided to delete the game, so it can no longer be found on the App Store. The game that has had more than 50 million downloads is being scrapped because Nguyen Ha is unable to take the pressure of its success. He stated in his tweet, “Press people are overrating the success of my games. It is something I never want. Please give me peace. I can call ‘Flappy Bird’ is a success of mine. But it also ruins my simple life. So now I hate it.” After hearing about this news, Jesse Halley, a senior, said, “I didn’t actually know Flappy Bird was closing down! But now that I do, I’m a bit disappointed because I really thought this game would last long. And I just find it a bit absurd how the creator of the game is willing to disappoint his fans and give up his success just because of some media pressure. All Hollywood celebrities face media pressure, but they do not quit acting.” Though that is understandable, the creator of the game may have had a logical reason to do so, and we should respect that.

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