Sochi Winter Olympics – Technical Difficulties

Despite the fact that it’s only February, the winter olympics has been and will continue to be, without a doubt, one of the most anticipated events of the year. Thousands of athletes gathered from hundreds of countries to compete for medals and to show the world what they have prepared for during the 4-year gap of the last winter olympics. To the host country, however, the olympics act as a major pathway to increased tourism and respect towards cultures, as the opening ceremony of olympics typically pay tribute to the host country’s history and culture.

The Sochi Olympics started off its impressive opening ceremony with a glittery presentation. Soon after, five giant snowflakes, suspended from the roof of the Fisht Olympics Stadium, started to descend nearer to the stage. However, when these symbolic rings were supposed to open, due to a technical glitch, only four of them opened up. Upon this difficulty, the accompanying firework display was also put to a stop.  The Russian state television acted on this blunder quickly, as they did not want to embarrass some of the higher authorities, cutting the live stream and instead, broadcasting the pre-recorded rehearsal of the run through of the ceremony. Fortunately, other than this difficulty in the beginning, the opening was able to end on a good note, with no further technical problems.

Despite its fair scantiness in the whole ceremony, the technical glitch stimulated the public to turn to twitter and to trend #sochifail tweets to parody what had happened in the Fisht Olympics Stadium. One of the most popular has been the parody with examples of the Internet browsers. Generally, Internet Explorer is notorious for its slow reaction speed. So, Internet Explorer represented the unopened snowflake while Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Firefox represented the others that opened successfully.  Other than this example, there have been thousands of people that had responded to the mechanical problems, but this only shows that the public was very much interested in what Sochi had in store to show the world.

Although the Sochi Olympics got off on some rough grounds, hopefully there will be no other technical issues in the future days to come and the closing ceremony will end without any glitches.

Article by: Nicole Yoon

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