IASAS Swimming 2014 at ISM: The Pros & Cons

This coming week, ISM will be hosting the annual IASAS Swimming competition in its revamped and renovated swimming pool. Hopefully, the entire school community could see the hard work and training that our swimmers have endured. The new bleachers should allow more Bearcats to come and watch the races. As for the swimmers, they have the advantage of training in the new facilities before anyone else, including new diving boards and touch pads.

After several years of a slump, our Bearcat swimmers hope to improve their performances from previous years, and hopefully, home ground will become the X-factor and work as an advantage for our swimmers.

sophiaHowever two of our IASAS swimmers, Danielle Lee and Sophia de Dios, believe that hosting the event adds to the pressure. They believe that it may be embarrassing if we fall short of the high expectations of the crowd. Also, they commented that they don’t get to travel to another country and bond together as a team.

The fact that we host IASAS Swimming is a huge deal. It has been six years, and our talented swimmers cannot wait to impress the crowd. So try not to add too much pressure and just celebrate the achievements of all the swimmers!

Written by: AJ O’Regan-Brown, 10
Photographs by: IASAS swimming bulletin (Hyperlink)

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