Don’t Miss CulCon Previews

Article by: Shivani Phadke

Photographs by: Mild Chawaliton


On March 5, 2014, three groups of ISM students will travel to attend the IASAS Cultural Convention and represent our school in art, dance, drama, music, debate, and forensics. But before actual CulCon itself, each group will give a performance preview for the exclusive viewing of the ISM community.

The IASAS Dance 2014 performance is titled En Route, composed of “four different dances and themes, but all based on the theme ‘travel’,” says Sayoko Kato, a senior dancer. ISM thespians have also been at work, assembling a film-noir-inspired Cold War drama. “The play is crazy,” says senior actress Dominique Purdue.  “Crazy and creepy, maybe a little hard to watch at times. But that’s where the fun is, right?”

As for music, senior delegate Seong Yoon Kim comments, “[IASAS Music] preview is a must-see, can’t-miss event because all our musicians are being showcased in the newly refurbished AMR!” CulCon Music highlights band, strings, vocals, and pianists who perform prepared pieces and then work towards a finale concert that mixes delegates from all IASAS schools.

This leaves the final CulCon areas, Debate and Forensics, which showcase debate, oral interpretation, original oratory, impromptu speaking, and extemporaneous speaking. Kerry Tinga, who represents ISM in both oral interpretation and impromptu this year, states, “The [Debate and Forensics] previews are a fun way of seeing what happens in ISM beyond the usual dance, drama and music that seem to dominate CulCon. People should come watch.” She continues, “if they’re interested in seeing a different sort of entertainment that has a more practical use in the future, beyond high school.”

IASAS previews are a must-see event this year as each team works to reach the high standards set by its predecessors. Dance and drama previews will be in the FAT at 5pm on Feb 27, and 3pm on March 1. If you plan to watch the previews on Feb 27, don’t forget to catch forensics previews in the AMR at 3pm. Music will be previewed in the AMR at 5pm on Feb 28. All in all, a great program of shows to look forward to this coming week!

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