VAC: A Fresh Start for the Visual Arts

Article by: Kyle Kim

Photographs by: Mild Chawaliton

VAC logoBeautiful cinematography, spot-on color schemes, breathtaking brushwork.  If this is what you love, then the Visual Arts Club is something to look forward to! Founded this year by sophomore Sarah Kim and other ISM artists, the Visual Arts Club (VAC) is a club for people who simply love the visual arts. VAC is working towards making the school morevibrant and inspiring, as well as connecting the ISM community with the local community through aesthetic appreciation.

Similar to the red- and blue-themed murals throughout the hallways of ISM, the Visual Arts Club has started a hand painted mural in the elementary school. The 112-foot mural will promote both art and learning in the elementary school. Other VAC projects include an enhanced art auction later in the semester, displaying the creative works of ISM students, and service projects centred on art appreciation, crafts, and beautification of the local community.


VAC hopes to help tap all of ISM’s creative talent, transforming our school into the most colourful and creative of all international institutions. A series of small to large-scale plans are in store for us: prepare your eyes for artwork and innovation that shine as bright as the Bearcat spirit.

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