Roses, chocolates and dainty gifts make up Valentine’s Day in most countries around the world. However, in ISM, the day was an opportunity for service clubs to sell products, pull a few heart strings, and give back to the local community.

On February 14, both Photography Club and SPECS organized a rose delivery service.  It goes without saying that speculations were made, as consumers and bystanders alike inevitably compared the quality of the two clubs’ flowers and delivery services.  Regardless, both clubs had faced an unexpected problem: the increase in the price of roses in Manila.  Mild Chawalitanon, PRO of the Photography Club, confesses, “We were able to get many orders and people really liked our presentation, but we didn’t exactly earn much of a profit.  The delivery was successful, but it also serves as a great learning experience.”  Similarly, Reine Mendoza, SPECS club PRO, mentions, “We pre-ordered 500 roses ahead of time, but that was it.  Despite the demand, we couldn’t take any more orders due to our increasing costs.”

Besides economic conundrums, the actual task of organizing the fundraisers also proved struggle-worthy.  CCV held a Valentine’s bake sale and their PRO Jin Sun Park reveals that “our club rests on the reliability of our members.  Of course, there are always instances where responsibilities aren’t fulfilled; which is why communication is really important.”  To prepare for their event, CCV held numerous officer meetings and group chats, proving that teamwork is integral to a charity event’s success.

In theory, service organizations are all rainbows and sunshine; too often people lose out on the opportunity to witness the politics that go behind the scenes.  However, by standing their weight and pulling through, these service clubs were able to preserve their reputations, as overall, consumer satisfaction was achieved.

Article By: Deedee Aeschliman

Illustration By: Sung Hee Bae

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