Visual Arts Club


Among the IASAS schools, ISM is known for our creativity and artistic ability. In the past, our student-artists expressed themselves by participating in different activities that the school offered. Their artwork was critiqued, displayed, or even auctioned. However, there was no coherent effort to put together such myriad of talents due to the lack of an organized group.

Sensing this particular need, the Visual Arts Club (VAC) was initiated in the first semester of the 2013-14 academic year. The club was formed with fourfold goals in mind: (1) to provide students a proper venue to promote their art pieces, (2) to facilitate workshops that will entice every student to enter the world of arts, (3) to foster excellence in the students’ chosen medium, and (4) to give service to the local community through different activities.

The overarching mission of the VAC is to make ISM more beautiful by integrating visual arts within the vicinity of our school. Another important aim of the club is to use art as a means to connect with the local community by setting up fun and exciting workshops and projects with the school’s service partners.

In relation to its mission, VAC is coordinating several upcoming art projects for the entire ISM school community. These include a handprint Bearcat mural for High School and a cityscape mural for the Elementary school (the size of which would be 112 feet in width). There is also an upcoming art auction before the school year ends. Aside from these exciting projects, VAC has also been actively helping out other clubs and different grade levels in their Saturday Services.

On February 8th, VAC had its first two collaborative Saturday Service trips with the Spanish Honor Society and Grade 10. The VAC created Valentine’s Day cards and posters for the former, as well as clay roses for the latter. The children beneficiaries of the Love 2 Learn service group enjoyed creating different things out of the clay dough that the group brought for them. They had a lot of fun learning how to create their own pinch pots, teacup, flowers, and watches. Carine, an AIESEC volunteer for Kids International excitedly said, “I thought it was awesome that the children really got to bring out their creativity. It really brought out the flair of their imagination. It was something they’ve never tried before and they loved it!”

Truly, the arts are a wonderful blessing and a tool to express human creativity. The VAC has only just started and surely, there will be more activities to come as creative ideas from inexhaustible members flood the club like a sumptuous splash of paint over a rough canvas.

Article By: Sarah Kim

Illustration By: Javier Syquia

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