Whether you’re a freshmen, sophomore, junior or senior, you’ll know those days when you can’t get in the zone for work and even shifting through google docs feels immensely tedious. On days like this, sometimes the smallest convenience goes a long way. Here a couple work hacks that will turn that anxious frown upside down!

1. Slipping Paper Underneath Doors

Ever rushed to give in an essay that you spent all night working on, only to find that your teacher isn’t in the room? To avoid waiting for the security guard to get the key, just slip that paper under the door.  It might have one or two footmarks by the time it reaches your teacher, but at least it’s on time!

Slipping Paper Under Door

2. Activities on Google Drive

Google docs has been integrated into the ISM tech world for a few years now that it’s often hard to keep up with all the sharing and editing that occurs on a daily basis. But now, you can keep track of the most recently updated documents through the “Activity” feature of Google Drive. (Simply click the small ‘i’ icon on the upper right corner).

Activities on Google Doc

3. Recording on Evernote

Finding it difficult to focus after pulling an all-nighter, or simply not just digesting anything your teacher is saying right now? Fear not, Evernote has your back. Be sure not to miss anything during a lecture or presentation the next day with it’s amazing recording feature.

Recording on Evernote

4. Erasable Pens

For all you perfectionist outs there, these are the pens for you. Erasable pens allow you to take tests and write essays with the luxury of being able to erase all those careless mistakes. As an added bonus, they also add color to those dull and, often times, messy notes.

Erasable Pens

5. Sam and Lawrie!

Were you late for school? Did you forget something at home? Have a bag that won’t fit in your locker? Sam Ramos and Lawrie have got you covered. This sweet and ever-smiling duo at the HSO are always willing to lend a helping hand.

Sam Ramos

Compiled by: Maxine Alindogan

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